When your words

have to sell

exactly who you are...

... a multiple award-winning copy and creative shop

with decades of experience behind our strengths.

We're creative strategists and copywriters, and pretty damn good at it.  If and when additional marketing support services are needed, we partner strategically with leading creative specialists and premier ad agencies.  So we can confidently offer ...

  • Virtuoso copywriting
  • Action-inspiring content
  • Game-changing marketing strategies
  • Website creation and storyboarding
  • Social media posts
  • Brochures, booklets, collateral
  • Video and audio scripting
  • Book editing and ghostwriting
  • And whatever else it takes to reach and persuade those people
    most willing to see your message, and ready to buy.

John ... has a way of streamlining scatted ideas into a simple, solid, moneymaking plan in a very short amount of time.

Lee Hill CEO, the TV Commercial Company, Arizona

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Of all the direct marketing people I've worked with, there is only one whose standard comes close to John Seeliger's.  That one is Lester Wunderman.

Leonard Schwartz Exec VP, NYT Publishing

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A few of our clients

Here's a representative handful of clients and assignments over the years --national, international, regional and local; direct or through various ad agencies.  There are dozens more.

Follow the highlighted squares to our Case Histories

We were all just astounded by the quality of your tactical and creative work ... Delighted with the results, too ...

Bonny Lepore Director, Yaffe Advtsg, Phoenix, AZ

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John is one of the great international direct response writers ... He makes Relationship Marketing highly profitable to his clients (and can prove it) ...

Barb Caswell Senior Partner, DM & D2B Dvlpmnt, LA

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Since that last "expert" didn't turn out so well ...

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These are some of our awards.

Not one of them was for a beautiful ad,
though we made lots of those.

Every single award was for effectiveness:
for our clients' increased business.

That's what you hire us for.

Because it's not about us ... it's about you.

How we get the results we do ...
(Case Histories)

How we get the results we do (Case Histories)

Most marketing or advertising agencies will tell you they "think outside the box."  At Copy*right, we don't even acknowledge a box.  

You get a completely fresh look and a completely customized approach to your advertising issues. It's aimed directly at your specific audience, with your unique message – a message you might not even know you had, at this point. 

We can draw on decades of hands-on experience to know what works and what probably won't. And frankly, we're tired of the media charlatans who promise the moon and deliver squat except inflated invoices. 

Here are some we had fun with. And made our clients happy.  

Reliance Software -- Toy Ferraris win the checkered flag!  (Mesa, AZ)

Our audience was tiny - just 120 individuals.  Who happened to be CEOs of the largest retail chains in America.  [READ MORE]

Sterns Jewelers -- How a tiny chain becomes a national force (South Africa)

STERNS was this struggling jewelry chain in a few South African cities.  Still, they had oversize dreams: National recognition.  [READ MORE]

Godiva -- Creating a shortage to sell an abundance  (New York)

Once, a Campbell's Soup Company executive visited a Belgian chocolatier and fell in love.  These delicious treats would tickle palates back home, too!  But ... how to launch? [READ MORE]

MENSA -- Tiny client, big result (Phoenix, AZ)

Most Mensa chapters hold a meeting — a "Regional Gathering" — in their home cities every year.  Traditionally, the Phoenix chapter's RG loses money.  This one year, they didn't.  [READ MORE]

IBM (plus M&M)​​ -- Yummy tomorrows for yesterday's hardware  (New York)

How a simple candy giveaway delivered 650% higher sales than projected.  Yes, you read that right. [READ MORE]

Mantel Brothers -- A child's storybook rebuilds an industrial enterprise (South Africa)

This market leader company suddenly loses its entire national business and faces brutal competition.  An off-beat campaign and a child's storybook regains the #1 position in less than a year.  [READ MORE]

And ask us about ...

  • Frontier State Bank (Arizona)
    Positioning for sale. How we built them from $85MM to $105MM in one year. 
  • South African Airways (Johannesburg)
    Almost bankrupt. Our simple three-pronged rescue plan – with a 72% response – kept them flying high.  
  • Beit Halochem Veterans' Hospital (Israel)
    They wanted to raise about $15,000. We brought in almost 10 times that. 
  • The Phoenician Resort Hotel  (Phoenix)
    The year after 9/11. When hotel bookings everywhere barely topped 15%, we filled their rooms right through the 110°F Arizona summer!
  • Rave Discount Stores (South Africa)
    From a tiny bicycle shop to South Africa's premier chain of discount stores.
  • Valley National Bank (Phoenix)
    They said you can't expect more than a 2% response. OK, what would you say to 30%?

John's work was consistently high-performing (in one campaign we beat the expected response rate by 650 percent), as well as providing excellent ROI.

Jeanne Cook Product Manager, IBM

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John ... has been one of the driving forces that propelled RAVE Stores from one little-known discount store to the aggressive chain it is today.

Anthony Burgess VP Advertising, Rave, South Africa

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So-so strategies can only get you so-so results.

Yet, great strategies don't have to cost much.

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