It’s what we do.

What Bar Rescue does for your bar … what Kitchen Nightmares does for your restaurant …

NOVA does for your marketing. Only without the shouting!

Our life’s work: 

To bring more eager customers to your unique door …

… who bring more dollars to your business

To have those customers go home delighted …

… and come back for more, with their friends

Sometimes we’ll follow orthodox marketing methods, sure.

Often, though, we won’t. 

Always, we’ll create strategies designed to generate the best results for you. And your customers.

Our results speak for themselves.

Against six strong competitors, the gift of a child’s storybook gained 80% market share for Mantel cranes.

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The promise of M&Ms lifted IBM server sales revenue 600% above their own projected ROI.

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During the summer after 9/11, when hotels across the USA were struggling for business, our award-winning multimedia campaign filled every room in this famous resort.

Positioning this local bank for sale, our promotions pulled 500% over their own projections, increased capitalization from $85 Million to $110 million in one year. 

In a campaign that saved South African Airways from bankruptcy, our first step pulled a 70% response; later steps filled every seat.

Created the strategic plan and advertising that launched Godiva Chocolatier into the United States, competing against all the long-established brands.

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What it’s like to work with us…

“Of all the direct marketing people I’ve worked with, there is only one whose standard comes close to John Seeliger’s. That one is Lester Wunderman.”

Leonard Schwartz – Executive Vice President, New York Times Publishing, New York

“John won the confidence and hearts of all our clients. He has a way of streamlining scattered ideas into a simple, solid, moneymaking plan in a very short amount of time.  I have watched him create numerous highly successful advertising and direct response campaigns for clients as diverse as banks, supermarkets, and dozens of consumer clients. I highly recommend him.”

Lee A. Hill – CEO, The TV Commercial Company, Tempe, Arizona

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